NCAA Requirements

Umpires working college baseball must be NCAA certified and register with the NCAA Baseball Umpiring Home Plate Central Hub, attend one of the NCAA Clinics, and successfully pass the rules examination/test. Following is key information to help you complete the necessary tasks.

To Register

2022 Umpire Clinic

The NCAA Baseball Clinic is online. The clinic closes on January 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm. Umpires must review this clinic, it a requirement to umpire in the 2022 NCAA season at all levels. To view the required clinic, login onto the NCAA Baseball Central/Home Plate Hub and click the ELIGIBILITY Tab. After reading all information, click Go to Eligibility Center at the bottom of the page.

PreSeason Rules Examination/Test

NOTE: To read/download the NCAA 2022 Preseason Newsletter or NCAA 2021-22 Rules Book, click on image(s) in the left sidebar.


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