NCAA Requirements

NCAA 2022 PreSeason Newsletter

In 2024, umpires wanting to work in college baseball must register with the NCAA RefQuest portal, view the NCAA Clinic, and successfully pass the rules examination/test. Following is vital information to help you complete the necessary tasks.

To Register with the NCAA RefQuest portal

Please Note: MAC/UCU will continue to make assignments through ArbiterSports.

2024 NCAA Baseball Umpire Clinic

This year’s annual clinic is online and will be on the NCAA ReQuest portal. The 2024 NCAA online clinic will include NCAA Rules and Officiating interpretations and video – PowerPoint presentations, including Mechanics, Points of Emphasis, Professional Standards, Quizzes, Getting the Call Right, Handling Situations, and Umpire Discussions.

PreSeason Rules Examination/Test

TThe preseason rules test is administered on the NCAA RefQuest portal. MAC/UCU collegiate umpires must take the test and score 85% or better to be eligible for college-level assignments. The test opens on January 5 and closes at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday, January 19, 2024.

NOTE: To read/download the NCAA 2023 Preseason Newsletter or NCAA 2023-24 Rules Book, click on the image(s) in the left sidebar.


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