MAC-UCU Partnership

The world of officiating, especially as it pertains to assigning, can be very territorial. This can create a one-sided relationship, leaving the individual official on his own to navigate how to get better, how to break into higher-levels of the game, and, maybe more importantly, what is really expected to achieve officiating success.

When two people come to together with a shared goal, good things can happen – when a group of talented, dedicated individuals comes together wanting to make a difference … well, you have what we have in the land of “MAC-UCU.”

Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Umpires (MAC) and United Collegiate Umpires (UCU) share resources, talent, and a common vision to offer some of the most innovative umpire development programs in the country. We push the envelope in umpire instruction, use technology to refine, and always seek “what’s the best way.”

This partnership creates a healthy competitive environment where our instructors strive for innovation in teaching the craft of umpiring and individual umpires strive for the best they can be on the field.

However, that’s really just the starting point of this unique relationship.

Besides jointly sponsoring approximately 20-25 umpire development programs during the year – more than 300 umpires are educated through our educational offerings every year – MAC-UCU works together during the various seasons providing umpiring opportunities from recreational-level, to high-school federation, to all levels of college, including summer collegiate leagues … providing leagues, conferences, and institutions with outstanding service and one of the best quality products on the field.

It’s a unique and highly valuable partnership – especially for college umpires in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The result of many years of having a focused vision with only one real goal – making umpires better. #BeABetterUmpire


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