Cortland 3-Umpire Clinic

September 19–24, 2023

SUNY Cortland | Cortland, NY

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Innovation in Training

Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level?

Continuing education is critical to the success of the MAC/UCU training and any umpire desiring to seek their highest level. Are you ready to take the next step in your development?

This clinic is advanced instruction and teaching, emphasizing developing the individual umpire’s skills, improving muscle memory, and creating a passion for continued learning on how to become the best at this unique craft. #BeABetterUmpire

Every year, we are pushing the training curriculum to continually improve and look for the best way to umpire baseball games at the college level. However, we don’t lose sight of the tried-and-true methods umpires need to master. This camp sets a high bar and gives you the tools to reach it.

Our curriculum continually evolves to enhance the skills of umpires. We concentrate on developing accuracy and calibrating strike zones with video analysis. We dissect and diagnose plays’ starting positions and final positions, including preparing for secondary and potential plays.

Registrations are limited!

We have limited spots for this clinic. Registration will remain open until full (or one week prior to the start of the clinic).

All registrations are subject to assignor approval. If not approved, any monies paid will be refunded.

Auburndale Umpire Clinic

Cortland 3-Umpire Clinic | Sept 19–24

This clinic is designed for umpires looking to move up to varsity high-school playoffs and all levels of 3-umpire collegiate baseball.

  • 6-days of the high-level instruction
  • Classroom, On-Field Sessions, and Drills
  • Unique and specialized cage training
  • Live evaluation games with immediate feedback from instructor staff
  • Tuition is Only $425!

Clinic Program Schedule

  • September 19 (7 pm): Clinic Kick-off & Classroom Instruction
  • September 20: On-field Sessions
  • September 21–24: On-field Sessions and Evaluation Games

The schedule is subject to change. Do not plan to leave on Sunday until approximately 4:00 pm (after your evaluation game).

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