The 2023 Fall NOVA 2-Umpire Clinic

October 20–22

Surrounding Fields in Fairfax, VA area

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Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level?

Continuing education is critical to the success of the MAC/UCU training and any umpire desiring to seek their highest level. Are you ready to take the next step in your development?

This 2-Umpire clinic is designed for teaching and enhancing the skills required to advance an umpire’s career in high-school and lower-lever college games using the 2-umpire system.

The clinics are advanced instruction and teaching, emphasizing developing the individual umpire’s skills, improving muscle memory, and creating a passion for continued learning to become the best at this unique craft. #BeABetterUmpire

Attending one of our 2-Umpire clinics is perfect for umpires looking to master 2-man mechanics or if you are learning the system. After this weekend, you will raise your bar as an umpire. This clinic instructs the nuances to get your game to the next level. MAC offers innovative instruction customized to your experience level.

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MAC-UCU Camps & Clinics
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Who We Are
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Our staff comprises current professional umpires and College Playoff caliber umpires from the greater Washington DC. All have gone through similar camps presented by MAC. You’ll be learning from umpires who have been in your shoes! These umpires are dedicated to sharing the skills and techniques that have made them successful at the game’s highest levels.


Games, on-field drills, and class instruction will be held at a field in the Fairfax, VA area. Games are part of various tournaments or league play. Upon acceptance of your registration, the class schedule and any other camp information will be provided by email.

Schedules are subject to change, and campers will be notified via the email used with registration. 

Umpires are responsible for their travel and meal expenses.

All registrations are subject to approval.

The Fall NOVA 2-Umpire Clinic

October 20–22

MAC weekend clinics are advanced umpire training for non-professional umpires. This upper-level camp is for umpires looking to move up to varsity high school through all levels of 2-umpire collegiate baseball.

Clinic tuition is $100 for the entire weekend. If you can only do one day, you may register for Saturday or Sunday at $50 per day.

All registrations are subject to approval. If not approved, we will refund your registration payment.

Clinic Schedule (both clinics):

  • Friday evening – Classroom Session (Location TBD)
  • Saturday – On-Field Sessions; Live Game Evaluations
  • Sunday – Live Evaluation Games

Questions? Send us a note via our contact form or an email to [email protected].

All registrations are subject to assignor approval. Payment does not guarantee approval.

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